Ny sjov podcast-serie for børn og unge om filosofi!
Jeg har udviklet konceptet og skrevet manus til ti episoder af en ny podcast-serie til børn og unge om filosofiske emner. Serien er udviklet med støtte fra Audio Content Fund.

Serien er indtalt af tre skuespillere – bl.a. HBO-aktor Clarke Peters og den engelske komiker Harry Enfield.

Den engelske beskrivelse lyder:

“The Old Man in the Boat is a podcast about an old man… in a boat.

Out in the middle of nowhere is a large lake. And in the middle of that lake is an old man sitting in a boat.

Listen to the characters he meets like the worm who talks, and the seagull who does something awful to the man’s beard!

Listen, laugh and learn as the old man chats with the worm and even argues with his own shadow.

The Old Man In The Boat is a Message Heard production in association with Fun Kids. It is made possible thanks to funding from the Audio Content Fund.”

Giv serien et lyt!
Find “The Old Man in the Boat”, der hvor du lytter til podcasts – fx her: